Group Classes



Group classes are a great opportunity to come and meet new people who have the same interest as you!

We have a new set of group classes starting the week of July 8th. This is a 4-week series. 

Introducing the Unlimited Class Card

Unlimited Class Card- for $96-


Monday @6:30 beginner hustle (starting June 17th)

Tuesday @6:30 beginner nightclub two step (starts July 9th)
Tuesday @7:30 beginner American Tango (starts July 9th)
Wednesday @6:00 Zumba® (starting July 3rd) 
Wednesday @7:00 beginner Lindy Hop (starts July 10th)
Thursday @7:00 intermediate bachata (starts July 11th)
Thursday @8:00 intermediate east coast(starts July 11th)


We have a few class cards that run $10-$12/class. Drop in class is $15.

4-classes for $45
8-classes for $80