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Rob Wade“Having worked with The Upstagers since 1984, I’ve seen choreographers come and go. Once in a while someone of extraordinary talent and heart comes along, does magical things with the performers, and leaves an indelible mark. That would be Naomi. While everyone immediately recognizes and applauds the outstanding results she accomplished, precious few have a scale against which to measure it. As an Air Force Tops in Blue prior, I’ve had the chance to experience a professional level of choreography that set the bar for any future performances. Her ability, her heart, rivals anything I’ve experienced or seen in Tops in Blue. As I watched her work with both accomplished dancers and those who’d never done a step in their lives, I was amazed at how her skill, her determination and passionate enthusiasm, became infectious. She makes people want to do a great job for her. She was firm when she needed to be, she put in the one-on-one time when needed, but she was always encouraging. I completely identified with her when she was elated as the group nailed a routine they had worked so hard on. We truly miss her, and I know anyone would be lucky to have her as their teacher and as choreographer.”
-Rob W.

“Naomi is a great choreographer, she is extremely professional, she helped choreograph my daughter’s Quinceanera Waltz and surprise dance. Her attention to detail made the dances look impeccable, she worked with each one of my daughter’s friend to ensure the dance was a success. Naomi new exactly what my daughter and I were looking for. The dances were age appropriate, tasteful, and very modern. I could not have asked for a better choreographer.”

Ben Graf“Naomi is a terrific choreographer and instructor. I have worked with her on ballroom as well as musical theater dance, and she excels at both. She is great at assessing the skill levels of her students and adapting both her choreography and teaching style accordingly. She has the right balance of patience and discipline to get the most out of any student who wants to learn. Our theater group misses her terribly!”
-Ben, Texas


Blanca“Not only has Naomi become a great friend, but she is also a great dance instructor. She was able to do the impossible by putting together a dance for my wedding in only three days!! My husband and I love the way she breaks down techniques in a way that makes sense. My husband went from a person who doesn’t dance at all, to someone who really enjoyed dancing on our wedding day, and it was all thanks to Naomi. She has an amazing dance background, and I definitely recommend her.”